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Healthy employees are proven to be more engaged, productive, and resilient

Top Talent
demands an environment
where employees don't have to sacrifice their wellness for their work

To create a culture where employees can thrive, not just survive,
workplace wellness must be integrated into the work-day, not just featured as one-off 'events.' As a workplace wellness consultant, I leverage my masters in communication and wellness certifications to restructure your work day with wellness in mind.

free gym memberships & office happy hours ARE NICE, BUT THEY won't solve your wellness issues (UNFORTUNATELY)

8 in 10 Americans Report Feelings of Burnout

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Meet  Jess!

Master of communication,
northwestern university

stress management certification,
The mayo clinic

certified yoga teacher
yandara yoga institute

x-high performer & chronic burn out survivor in the fortune 15

My style is hands-on and collaborative. I use personal experience, corporate communications theory, and simple anatomy techniques to create lasting wellness for all of my clients. My goal is to create a world where you & your employees feel your best every day.


"However cliché it may sound, Jess truly helped me tap into the person I always wanted to become. Now, I am constantly evolving into a better version of myself because of what I learned and continue to learn from her –and for that I will be forever grateful." — Kathleen G.

"To say that I transformed as a person after Jess' mentorship would be a grave understatement."

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