When we feel our best,
we do our best work.
So, why not feel good every single day?

I'm Jessie —
a stress related illness survivor turned wellness consultant

I was once chronically ill with a neurological disease called Fibromyalgia. With Fibromyalgia, my brain was mis-wired to perceive almost everything as a threat and my nervous system was in a constant state of fight or flight. I became exhausted, experienced ulcers, memory loss, and more. I was hospitalized multiple times and had to leave my job on a medical sabbatical.

In my time away from work, I completed my Masters in Communication, and got certified in stress management at the Mayo Clinic. Using what I learned, I was able to make a full recovery AND build a corporate wellness strategy to help create a safer and healthier working environment for all.

Wellness is a stigmatized topic - we provide training and support on how to discuss and handle wellness issues with your team.


Every team is different. We dive deep into where your team needs support and deliver on these issues using a data driven approach. 

we leverage DEEP ANALYSIS

'Hustle culture" asks us to ignore our nervous system & stress response. Through embracing the science, we use best practices to improve our ability to respond & recover from stress


3 Ways My Approach is Different...

Goodness In,
Goodness Out


"She could see what I was capable of, even when I couldn’t, and she wouldn’t allow me stay stagnant in my comfort zone for the sake of fear. I cannot thank her enough for my personal transformation and newfound power." — Rachel J.

"Jess has an incredible gift of seeing people and their potential in full form. "

"However cliché it may sound, Jess truly helped me tap into the person I always wanted to become. Now, I am constantly evolving into a better version of myself because of what I learned and continue to learn from her –and for that I will be forever grateful." - Kathleen G.

"To say that I transformed as a person after Jess' mentorship would be a grave understatement."

"And honestly, I think all of these things are baby steps in my journey. I’m excited to continue to work with Jess and to allow her to shine light on my purpose and never stop investing in my development!"
— Lisa C.

"Since working with Jess, I've quit my job, started a business, and stepped into my true power"

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